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What is CrossFit?
CrossFit by definition is Constantly VariedFunctional Movements, performed at a High Intensity.

Functional Movements  -- When we can't do these movements we lose our ability to live independent functional lives!  Example -- Squatting (standing up), deadlift (picking something off the floor), pressing (reaching above our heads).

Constantly Varied -- Routine is the enemy

our goal is for everyone who walks through our doors to be generally prepared to take on any challenge that might come up in life, whether that be pushing a lawn mower up a steep hill or running away from a mugger.  Our workouts will Constantly be Varied so that you can handle whatever life throws at you!

High Intensity/Power -- Intensity is different for everybody

Intensity is relative, meaning that what is intense to you may not be intense to me.  All of the movements we do can be scaled to accommodate different levels of ability.  Whether your doing 135 front squats or air squats both can give you a very intense workout.
5 Reasons to Join VIP CrossFit

What makes CrossFit special isn't the workouts, its the people your working out with. CrossFit isn't a place where you put your earbuds in and zone out.  The sense of community is just as important as the results.  CrossFit forges a strong sense of camaraderie amongst its participants.


I'm 100% confident that if you continue to come to class you will change your life.  We are different from the traditional gym in every way.  CrossFit will make you very strong very fast.


Wodify is a centerpiece of our gym, perhaps the biggest advice I could give someone is to make sure whatever your doing, whether it's at a CrossFit gym or a traditional gym, that it is measurable.  Wodify logs our results, shows us our growth over time, and makes the our CrossFit experience more interactive.  Wodify also allows you to schedule your next session from your phone or computer.

Nutritional Guidence:

To help make the nutritional component easier we have digital food logs, nutritional seminars, and consultations on stress reduction and improved sleep habits.  We also supply paleo treats which includes grain free cereals, grass fed jerkys, and paleo trail mixes.


With an increased work capacity we see improvement in every measurable components of health, for instance, reduced body fat, higher bone density, improved flexibility and lower blood pressure just to name a few.

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